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16/2/2011 - 19:39

New bed in Canela!

When we bought the boat the idea was for each crew member to have their own space.

Now that we are 5 onboard, we had to make some modifications on Canela's layout.

On the bow sleeps Gustavo and João, on the middle sleeps Cláudio and on the stern I use to sleep, I say use to because now I have a roomate.

We created a new bed where once it was a setee. It was a very good change because that corner of the boat wasnt used at all.


Posted by Augusto Schlieper

10/2/2011 - 15:11

Destino Azul ends circunavegation!

When we were in Panama we started hearing about these two guys. They were in ahead of us and what we knew about them came from long ago.

10 years ago when we started thinking about doing a round the world trip they've already had a site with this project, but in the meantime have made yet another adventure, set sail  windsurfing from Oiapoque to Chuí, with that sailing the whole coast of Brazil, adventure that put them in the Guinness Book of Records and is told in the book: Tempestades e Calmarias by Diogo Guerreiro.

As we heard only compliments for them coming from the other Brazilian boats, we started to get a little jelous and to make some jokes, like:''Oh, with a catamaran is easy, I want to see doing it with old canela ...'' I think that maybe we were just insecure that there could be somebody cooler than us.

In Tahiti the day came when we saw the catamaran anchored close to us. They were just like us, in no time we were alredy having a beer together and talking like we were old friends.

Well, these two are a bit faster than us and arrive tomorrow in Garopaba, thus ending their world tour.

I am proud of having met the guys, sad for not being there for the party and anxious to know when and how is gonna be our arrival, in Canela.

Here goes my congratulations to Flavio, Diogo and Itusca for the goal achieved.

Check out their website:


Posted by Augusto Schlieper

31/1/2011 - 17:27

Doghouse ceiling!

The paint job in Canela still going. We now started painting the doghouse ceiling.

The boat is already looking cleaner and brighter. I still have to give it a second coat, but I think it´s gonna look good.

Posted by Augusto Schlieper

22/1/2011 - 0:09

Cockpit floor!

Cockpit, with some tape to avoid people steping on the fresh paint.
Cockpit, with some tape to avoid people steping on the fresh paint.

Some times we postpone things, when there is no rush I think thats normal.

But when something takes 3 years to be done, then I think there is a problem. After we bought the boat in San Diego we painted the whole deck, the only part we did not paint was the cockpit floor. That because we were passing by it all the time and we were just sick of painting it.

Now, after all this time I gave it the first coat. I know that it wont change Canela seagoing qualities, but I know it will build up her self steem, having her dance floor white.

Posted by Augusto Schlieper

13/1/2011 - 8:21

How it all started...

A lot o people ask us how we started sailing. I think the website below explain a little of that. It´s the site of the trip we did on a 29´sailboat from Porto Alegre to Rio.

It´s in portuguese, but that what they invented google translator for.

click here:



Posted by Augusto Schlieper

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