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3/10/2013 - 12:47

New Price

We lowered the price we are asking for Canela. Now U$ 89.000

Posted by Augusto Schlieper

3/7/2012 - 23:47

Little Coconut make it home!

Little Coconut arriving home!
Little Coconut arriving home!

We met this guys in Austrália. They had bought a boat smaller then Canela, called Little Coconut, and planned sailing all the way home.

At that time we gave them some advices, since we had been sailing for more time.

Now, they have just made it home and we are still in Mauritius.

This are two guys to admire. The whole thing was an tribute to a friend the passed away, project called Challenge4ben.

No furler, and on the atlantic crossing they went through a storm and stayed 1 week without moving forward. That's tough!!!

Congratulations guys!!!

Posted by Augusto Schlieper

24/5/2011 - 22:53

Cabeça de Vento

One more sailing boat from Brazil with young crew leaving for a round the world trip. It's the guys from the sailing boat ''Amigo'', part of the Cabeça de Vento project.

It's good to see more brazilian boats with young crew getting out there, hopefully we wil meet soon.

 Check their website:


Posted by Augusto Schlieper

22/4/2011 - 17:43

Working in NZ

BBQ with Kaori
BBQ with Kaori's crew.

As some may know, we have spent the last 2 months working on a 125 feet superyacht.

It was a great experience and we were able to make some money.

Soon we will be back on Canela to continue the trip.

Posted by Augusto Schlieper

24/3/2011 - 18:17

New Zealand

As many might know, I am in Auckland for a while.

If anybody has to contact me, my phone number is: 02108254764

Posted by Augusto Schlieper

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