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1/2/2012 - 8:33


This is a story about our passage from Thailand to Malaysia.

If you watched our video about the 1000 days of sailing you may remember Gustavo saying that this trip means freedom. I don’t know if the story I’m telling means exactly what he meant, but undoubtedly was, besides of funny, a proof of freedom.

Those who follow our website should know that between Bali and North Sumatra we spent three months surfing and sailing among desert islands and small villages, and that after all this time, we were crazy for a party.

Well, arriving in Thailand, we spent 3 days in Phuket and soon we went to Koh Phi Phi where the party is very good. We spent 15 days (I guess) there and of course we liked a lot. After that we went back to Phuket, where we stayed about 4 days buying supplies for the boat, diesel, and preparing everything to sail to Malaysia to start the refit on the boat.

Knowing that we would face a hard work on the boat and then a 10 days crossing to Sri Lanka, we thought it would be fair to pass againg by the island of Phi Phi for a farewell party.

We left Phuket at noon and the estimated arrival time on Phi Phi was 6 pm. But after 2 hours sailing, a strong wind began to blow against us. Since we were really keen on going to Phi Phi we started trying all the possibilities... changing the angle to see if we could go faster, changing the sails, but apparently there was also a current that was not in our favor either.

After many attempts it started to get dark and we had to have a meeting for a hard decision: abort the trip to Koh Phi Phi and head straight to Malaysia, since the wind was favorable.

At that speed we would get in Phi Phi at 2 am, so it was common sense that we should head to Malaysia ... decision made, we pulled the sails up (because at this stage we had already given up on sailing and we were motoring towards the island) and headed to Malaysia.

It may be difficult to explain without a map, but by changing the direction in which we were going, we would go through the right side of the Phi Phi Island (if a sailor reads this explanation he will laugh, but I just want to give an idea). Around 9 pm Phi Phi was already on our left side and  we could see the lights of the bars (yes!!). At that moment a strong bright light appeared on the horizon, was the moon, full moon... have you heard about the Fullmoonparty throughout Thailand??

Then the party bug (hopefully you understand what I mean) began to bug us ... and even with the wind still being not very favorable, maybe the current wasn’t against us now... so a new meeting started and the decision was unanimous: Let's go to Koh Phi Phi!.

Sails down, change direction, change the sails, sails up, and here we go ...

We tried, we tried really hard, but the mission failed ...
Sails down, change direction, change the sails, sails up and here we go again towards Malaysia... We even started to feel a bit down, but on the other hand we soon started to feel happy cause we knew that we would spend more time with our Kiwi friends from the boat Rhombus which was already in Malaysia.

Well, it’s not over, the next morning Augusto said that he heard about an island called Koh Lipeh and that it was supposed to be a nice place ... and we were a few miles of it ... so, sails down, change the direction once again, sails up and this time we managed to get on this island. Beautiful place, very quiet, maybe to quiet for what we were looking for, but nice anyway . We spent one night there and the next day we headed to Langkawi in Malaysia ...

But Langkawi is another story ....

Posted by Bruno Melatte Corino

6/1/2012 - 3:06

Koh Phi Phi

Xmas eve on Canela
Xmas eve on Canela

Every time we meet someone new, one of the classic questions is: What's the best place that you've been? And the answer is unanimous: The best place is where we met the best people.

In this case Koh Phi Phi will remain in my mind as one of the best places that I ever been.

We arrived in Thailand with our friends from New Zealand, the boat Rhombus, wich we met in Indonesia. We became good friends very fast and had a really good time in Koh Phi Phi where we made a lot of friends as well.

Every day one of us would plan a party on the boat, a BBQ, one day it would be on Canela on the other on Rhombus and we even had a floonting bar which was our kayak.

One thing that really make us happy is sharing with other people this expierience that is being on a boat and it is impressive how people enjoy it and how greatful they are for that. Everybody that passed by the boat left a message, a gift... it is good to see that somehow we changed their vacations just as they made our days in Koh Phi Phi better.

After we passed by Bali we stayed 2 months sailing around desert islands and small villages I think that Koh Phi Phi was a good place to have some party after all this time, and I'm already missing it.

Posted by Bruno Melatte Corino

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