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7/2/2011 - 17:55

Quality song

This guy, Jarred Sjoblon, I met in Fiji, last year. We made a bbq on the boat that he worked, and we recorded everyting in mp3 format. Until now, we listen to those songs onbord. But yestarday, his brother, Jeremy, sent me a link with him playing, I think it was in his home, I dont know, but anyway, I just want share this song, and say that he has talent to music, and me and all Canela really appreciate his song. Respect!

Blow it up brother, and i hope make a new jam with you and your brother!

Enjoy the video

Posted by Joãozinho

12/10/2010 - 5:50


My firt interview in english. Bella is profession jornalist, and did this movie about my life. Thanks for her, i liked a lot of the resulted.

Posted by Joãozinho

9/8/2010 - 15:21

Simple things

I celebrate the simple things in my life, that fill our souls with energy and good thougts.

Sunset in Mantaray Island, around the good friends!

Posted by Joãozinho

26/7/2010 - 3:44

Surf session

A weekend with plenty of sunshine, little wind and a sea was really clean a great gift to us. We anchored behind the island of Namoto, and had the privilege of surfing almost all the time alone on the spott called Namotu `s Left. I think the photos of the video speak louder than any words. A gorgeous sunset marked the end of a day like that could only end with a barbecue amd some beers - FIJI BITTER!

 I love surfing, I love the vibe of the surf and all that comes with it.


Posted by Joãozinho

24/7/2010 - 16:45

Pressure evolution

    In biology, I had a teacher who always defended the theory that the evolution of the species was caused by pressure. It is the famous theory of evolutionary pressure. In the natural selection of species, created and defended by Charles Darwin, there is always something that forces this selection to happen. It can be the climate, availability of food, predators, local geography, proximity to water etc. These factors, acting together or alone, generate the pressure in which the species lives – whether it be fauna or flora. These species either adapt to their environment, search for another place to live or become extinct. If they have not adapted to their habitat they look for another place to live. New places, new challenges - challenges that they either overcome or get defeated by. On the positive side, it is these challenges that generate evolution.  One example from biology that I like a lot is the whales. Before they were whales, they were land-based mammals - but when they couldn’t adapt to the land, they looked to the marine environment for their survival. This process took millions of years but was a great success with respect to evolution. Now they breastfeed their calves and have a part of their body out of the water to breathe (given they have lungs unlike fish for example). The evolution of their limbs has also turned them into excellent swimmers much like fish. Fish are organisms totally adapted to the marine environment, so the evolutionary pressure for the whale to adapt to this environment forced drastic changes on the whales’ body over a long period time until they could assimilate with the fish. Today the whale is abundant in all oceans with many species, sizes and colours.

    As time passes, things become apparent and you wonder why you didn’t see them before. But I believe that you have to live your life to discover these things, and make some mistakes so that afterwards you can see how these things should have been done at first. We cannot judges ourselves for something we did in a particular moment, because we didn’t have the time evaluate these situations at the time and we just did what we felt was right. I think this is what we call evolution. For this reason I’m living this moment of my life intensely. I might be making a mistake, but I will only see it afterwards because at the time I am doing what I think is right and I am happy. For this reason I am doing exactly what I want to do. The pressure of being far from home, friends and the life that I lead, has generated evolution, principally in my ability to see things from another point of view. I am very happy with what I’m doing and when I look forward I only see better things coming. I hope that this evolutionary pressure continues for me and one day I can say that all the environments in which I lived made me a good person. I know that I’ll always be happy, and with my family, good friends and dog I’ll never have anything to complain about. I still have much to live and learn, many waves to surf (and wear on the head!), but making this trip on Destino Canela will be a fantastic part of my evolution.  

Posted by Joãozinho

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