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19/3/2008 - 18:05

White board!

For those people who think preparing a boat for a circunavegation is easy, here goes a picture of our ``to do`` list. We even had to buy a white board to keep track of it.

Posted by Augusto Schlieper

19/3/2008 - 17:56

What a view!

Every day we get to like more the place we chose to stay in San Diego. We got the best view of the city, and right on our backyard.

Posted by Augusto Schlieper

18/3/2008 - 0:55

Shelter Island

After a while without internet, we are back. We are now moored at Shelter Island where we have the best view from Downtown San Diego. We have been working a lot on the boat and soon it;s gonna be ready for the trip.

Posted by Augusto Schlieper

5/3/2008 - 14:18

Verri Cavion Partnership

From now on Destino Canela counts with the medical support from Medical Clinic Verri Cavion. The crew thank for all the help and trust on the project.

Posted by Cláudio Cavalli

3/3/2008 - 2:33

New neighborhood!

On the 7th we move from Chula Vista to a mooring at Shelter Island. For us its gonna be really great, since we will be close to everything we need to get the boat ready for the trip. And are not even talk about the view we got from Downtown San Diego.

Posted by Cláudio Cavalli

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