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27/10/2012 - 5:48

Safe and sound from

Canela just passed by The Heads in Knysna safe and sound and heading to Cape Town!!! One more hard pass to Canela's history!!
On the way!!!

Posted by Gustavo Schlieper

9/10/2012 - 7:50

Welcome to South Africa

Canela parked beside the pub!
Canela parked beside the pub!

South Africa received us with open arms.

Just a few hours after we arrived in the country we were in a car with friends we just made on the way to a reggae festival on a neighbor city.

After an amazing night we went to Zulu Land Yacht Club. The previous owner of Canela (former Golovan) asked us, when we met him on the beggining of the trip, to ring the bell on the yacht club, place where he built the boat and took of on a round the trip. He ended up in California but the boat made it back to it's hometown.

The members of the club made us feel at home and we are very thankful for that. It was an epic weekend and I dont think we will ever forget it (the parts that we remember).

Thye plan now is to start going south. There is a good weather window starting thursday and we are gonna try to reach East London. We want to leave SA before the 10th of november, so we better start moving.

Posted by Augusto Schlieper

3/9/2012 - 0:25

Nosy Be


We arrived at Nosy Be, a island on the west coast, Madagascar! Soon goint to land to search for a new regulator for the alternator that broke on the trip when we were fixing the Starter. Hope to find it here cause if not, have to order from South Africa and would take at least a week.
We caught a 1.2m wahoo on the way from last anchorage, 40 miles north. The idea is a fish bbq on the beach later on.
Big hug and nice week to everybody

Posted by Gustavo Schlieper

27/8/2012 - 2:22

The island of St. Marie

St Marie
St Marie

We like the place, it was a good choice to clear into the country. The burocracy reminded us of Indo, but easier.
People are super friendly, it's cheap and there is a good vibe in the air.
Our plane now is to sail to Nosy Be, on the other side of the country. The problem with this ''leg'' is the cape up north, where apparently the wind and the waves get worst. our plan is to go around it early in the morning and close to shore, let's see if it works.

Posted by Augusto Schlieper

16/8/2012 - 2:23

Destino Canela's new Virtual Crew:

We would like to thank our new virtual crew members:

Toca dos Tocos

Silvia e Tati Kunrath

Ana Clara Sucolotti

David Whitefield

Thanks guys

Posted by Augusto Schlieper

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